About Us

2020 presented one-in-a-century challenge to the world, & higher education. While hyper technological advances are being witnessed all around, yet huge risks & uncertainties related to Covid 19 has seriously jeopardised the traditional education process. The students can ill afford to lose precious time, yet governments and institutions largely remain undecided about the immediate future. Travel plans and associated risks are at the highest & physical classrooms looks distant. Paying full tuition fees in the absence of regular classes is a major issue, as most of the work must be done from homes. Even if a vaccine were to be available tomorrow, it would take years before 7.5 billion global population can be inoculated.

We saw this coming early and worked hard to present UK-IQ, a solution that would ensure continuation in the learning & career building process. This will not only ensure traditional guarantees of consistent, regulated & accredited qualifications & UK certifications, but also, highly affordable, and flexible to accommodate the uncertainties related to our current times & constantly changing global needs.

Welcome to United Kingdom International Qualifications Ltd

UK-IQ stands for United-Kingdom-International-Qualifications-Limited. A registered company based in the UK providing training and learning to learners worldwide, we specialise in providing UK standards of training for students across South-Asia, Far-East, Middle-East, Africa and several other parts of the world, where students can study completely online or with teacher mentors and can learn at their own pace to ensure they can fully understand and complete their courses

each word of our corporate name has its own independent meaning too.

United in Efforts

Of the founding group consisting of Leading Academicians,  Industry professionals from Information Technology, International Recruitment, Employment Background Check Industries, Parents, and also recent university topper students, representing the interests of all stakeholders and whose inputs and continued association is immensely critical in designing the UK-IQ offering to remain relevant to the target audience.

Kingdom of Knowledge & Learning

We currently offer qualifications transcending levels, starting with select courses for the K-12 levels that shall grow with time, our primary focus remains on Further-Education Levels from level 3 to Level 7-8 in multi disciplines. All our courses are on hybrid learning mode, highly economical tuition fees that reduces the cost of Graduation / Master’s degree from a UK University by upto 66% or more, compared to regular pathways.

International team & offering

UK-IQ’s management and faculty team are truly international in its composition, we try and provide teachers and trainers located closest to you to nullify geographic and linguistic challenges often faced by learners. Our management is also international, which allows assimilation of expertise, experience and knowledge that helps creating offerings that suits the needs of our global learners.

Qualifications – Regulated, Accredited & Delivered Just for You

In this ever-challenging global environment, only a Regulated and Accredited Qualification stands by your side at every stage of your career & life. UK-Ofqual’s regulated qualifications are gold standards and accepted not just by all UK Universities but across the World and are the proof of the highest quality in education. Be it academic learning or vocational training, our research based curriculum & content, professionally qualified and certified skilled teachers, tutors and trainers, globally top-ranked universities & colleges, well developed teaching systems, a strict higher education regulator (Ofqual), its uniform policies and practices, backed by UKs thriving democracy and polity, all of it and more, has guarantees a perfect learning environment.

UK-IQ Qualifications fall into the following categories

  1. Accredited & Regulated Qualifications

Courses fully accredited by Qualifi UK, an Ofqual recognised awarding organisation. These courses will give you direct entry into the next level across any UK University (subject to meeting their requirements for the next level). You save more than 66% or more of tuition fees as compared to traditional pathways through us.

  • Endorsed Qualifications

Courses endorsed by Qualifi, these courses can cover many subjects and because they are endorsed by such a regulated body, are widely accepted by employers to be of the highest international standards.

  • Corporate Qualifications

Modern corporate cannot survive the onslaught of rapidly changing & unpredictable business environment without constant & relevant training and skills upgradation of its employees. UK-IQ provides structured and customized training services to corporate around the world in an outsourced manner, in a distance-blended-learning-format, thereby taking away the need for in-house training department, staff & facilities. These qualifications are fully accredited by Qualifi, thus providing secure registration, and tracking of the learner’s continuous professional development. The awarding of Regulated Diplomas and Degrees also serve as a huge retention tool since they allow the employees to achieve higher learning from any UK / International universities. The best part is employees need not study outside of the working hours and learn while working.