Corporate training outsourcing

Corporate Training Courses
Corporate-training, also known as In-housetraining, Institutional-training, Professional-development, Company-Training, Corporate-Education or Workplace-Learning, is a system of continuous learning, upskilling and is targeted at not just educating but also retaining the employees and increase the corporate output & workplace efficiency.

UK-IQ Courses are your own creations with the help of our experts & OfQual UK’s framework, which is then accredited. No two organisations are the same, hence adaptations does not truly work.

UK-IQ ‘s cost-effective instructor-led onsite & offsite training options. Our Awards

Our courses are self paced, allowing learners to start & finish courses as per individual convenience. We are not rigid about a start or an end date.

We are not just “recognised” but our awards are “Accredited” by Qualifi which is regulated by OfQual – the Govt of UK’s higher Education Regulatory arm.

How does UK-IQ help in this

  • We offer significantly enhanced value proposition by not just offering a blended learning, training, and upskilling, but our courses & awards are also mapped to the UK-Framework.
  • This allows the learners to transfer their acquired credits to a mapped regular UK University degree. This process potentially saves a lot of time and money … sometimes upto 70% in comparison to full three years of campus learning.
  • Our blended learning format also ensures that your employees get to learn during working hours only. There are no requirements to study extra hours after work and even the evaluations (examinations) are conducted within their working hours.
  • These courses are highly customized with content that targets at enhancing the skills and knowledge levels needed by your organisation. Our teams interact with your supervisors to understand specific learning needs and can incorporate & design a curriculum that is right for your organisation. For example – training requirements for a Bank will be vastly different from that of Logistics or Medical sector organisation.
  • We assist the T&L leader at the employer’s prepare training programs, help them in accrediting with the same with Qualifi-UK and ensure delivery of the training, evaluate learner’s progress, and finally award them.

Our Corporate Training Model, outlining the steps to corporate training.

Why is Corporate Training needed?

With the fast-paced changing business environment, especially post COVID-19, as the world shifts towards a new normal, every function within corporate setups worldwide are witnessing 360º change. Most experts believe the pace of change to increase substantially and businesses redefine and adjust to the shift.

Far sighted employers always valued the role of specialised training, related certifications and which has benefited both, the employees, and the company’s bottom-lines. There are several other direct and indirect benefits too, chief amongst them are, the ability to retain employees over a longer duration and linking their length of stay with an annual achievement of regulated diplomas and degrees. This also boosts the employee’s morale and enables addition to their marketable skills and qualification. This also provides crucial branding such as “best employers to work for” and permits all stakeholders to meaningfully keep pace with the times and stay relevant.  

Types of Corporate Training

Corporate training types vary as per the nature, and it depends on the organisation, the industry sector it is in like manufacturing or service sector, and the ownership type private or government etc. 

Places or modes of Training   

  • Place of learning could be either onsite or offsite
  • Physical or distance Learning  

Types, Levels, Purposes of Training  

  • Induction or orientation training
  • Job training or in-plant training
  • Apprenticeship or craft training
  • Internship training
  • Refresher or re-training
  • Training to align workers to a new technology or business process
  • Training to align workers to a new market position or reality (like Covid-19)  

Challenges faced by organisation in effective corporate training.

  • Change is often not easily accepted, thus motivating the employees to enrol for a training programs comes as the first challenge.
  • Planning an effective and consistent training program and keeping up to it a rare skill, hence a major challenge.
  • Having crossed the above hurdles, designing, and keeping participants engaged, drawing, and holding on to their attention during the training program, is both an opportunity & a challenge
  • It calls for highly interesting, relevant, and updated Content & associate training material.
  • Each participant acts uniquely to learning and has different past and absorption levels, thus designing a working and effective personalized evaluation system is quite a challenge.
  • Effective tracking of participation and post assessments.
  • Ensuring relevant application of skills acquired during the training program.

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