How should I choose my UK-IQ Course?

This is a very natural and common question put forth by almost everyone who contacts us, the answer is not easy and differs with every individual since there is no one-size-fit-all answer. The below indices should help you reach closer to your right answer:

Passion Index

o Passion of life is – the stream, the genre, or the field of study, that you wish to take up as your career and may someday want to be recognised as a professional in. Once this decision is taken, you set out to find the best & most suited source of gaining knowledge, skills, training, and an internationally accredited qualification that helps you with relevant job opportunities.

o UK-IQ is the right place, whether you wish to strengthen existing skills or acquire new skill-sets. Irrespective if you have a prior academic background in the subject or not, UK-IQ can offer vocational & work experience-based routes towards a full University Qualification. For example, if a certified IT undergraduate / or a working IT professional without any formal IT qualifications, seeks admission to a UK-IQ diploma in IT, we can help you.

Subject Index

o Please evaluate your existing subject – associated academic achievements and work-experience or acquired skills in it.

o You may choose to be in a different subject or stream of study – but again – you must evaluate if you have at least gained verifiable Industry experience in it

o You must research available career options and employment opportunities in the subject of your study, not just in the country from where you wish to acquire the qualification, but also in your home country and a few other countries as options. You will find, UK-IQ Qualifications are globally accepted and strengthen your CV irrespective of the geography.

o You understand the prospects better, do discuss with professionals in the stream of study you choose, they could be your employer, senior colleagues, teachers, college professors and professional & reputed placement guides. You could also use professional networking social media platforms such as LinkedIn, reputed job portals in the country you are targeting.

o   Do not choose a subject based only on its current job opportunities, remember, employment opportunities in any industry vertical can go up or down and will not remain constant forever. There are so many changes in the global economy and geo-political developments, demand & supply for industry professionals keep changing. For example, due to COVID-19, the entire world is forced to work online, there is a sudden demand for IT hardware, software professionals of every type, this trend shall continue for a perceivable significant future too.

o   You must therefore scan all the courses options available with us at (uk-iq-courses-link), and/or fill our “Eligibility Check Form” for evaluation and pathways options.

Destination Index

o   One must be incredibly careful in choosing the country or the place of study since this has long-term implications in your future. It is also advisable not to fall for the “Tourist Destination & Branding” campaigns that many nations undertake these days to attract tourists, an “Education Destination” is very different.

o   To judiciously evaluate a country or a place as regards its being a good “higher-education-destination”, it is advisable to use more dependable yardsticks such as – Technological Advancement Index, Research & Development Index, Number of new Patents filed, Innovative Technologies & Products introduced, Advancements in Social Sciences, Advancements in Fine Arts, Sports and other Socio-Cultural evaluation parameters.

o   You must also check the democratic credentials & other personal freedoms records of the place, there can never be meaningful developments in education, learning, skills training & upgradation in a closed and restrictive society or environment.

Employability Index

o   It is important to know if the country of your study has a large and diversified, manufacturing & services base that can absorb freshers and provide meaningful employment opportunities. You must research this aspect before finalizing the stream of study.

o   The best course would be to choose a topic or stream of study that is acceptable across many countries and help you find relevant job-opportunities.

o   Thankfully, UK Qualifications are Gold-Standards, and are accepted across the United Kingdom, other western countries such as European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Commonwealth nations and around the world.

Affordability Index

o   Everything comes for a price and you must evaluate all aspects of affordability, there are so many cost units, such as Tuition fees, Frequent Flights, Medical & other Insurance, General Cost of living, not to forget the sudden and unplanned expenses & huge travel disruptions caused by the ensuing COVID-19 period.

o   You may also need to pass language proficiency tests and depending on your current proficiency levels, the preparation and test-fees could be quite high.

o   Thankfully, UK-IQ courses are designed to cushion all the above worries, while universities around the world struggle to keep up to respective government restrictions and frequent travel disruptions and still charge full fees, UK-IQ courses provide the perfect insurance of both low-cost courses, self-paced duration, no extras towards language tests besides total safety of blended distance learning.

o   It has never been wise to come under debt and spend best years of your life paying back Education Loans, act smart and evaluate UK-IQ options that helps you gain the same University Degrees at lesser than 1/3rd traditional pathway cost, and without the normal uncertainties, and hassles… write to us ( ) or fill-in our “eligibility-form” to know more.

Change Index

o   Despite the best of your efforts, research, and homework, sometimes it might happen, that your decision may look like – a terrible mistake. If you reach such a spot, do not wait to correct it, there is no point in sticking to a wrong decision for the next few years or the rest of your life.Thankfully at UK-IQ, we understand these basic human traits, most of our courses and fee-structure are designed to help in credit transfers and help migrate to a more suited course.

o   Remember the first point of this page was about your passion, UK-IQ is designed to keep your passion alive, and help you succeed in your professional life. Feel free to mail us ( for guidance. Use our “ELIGIBILITY CHECK” link to provide all the details for a complimentary review and revert with suggestion. You can also contact our University Placements Guide at

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