UK-IQ courses are open for learners who may not fulfil the academic qualification requirements for our courses but have sufficient vocational / work experience in the genre.

If the learner has acquired sufficient demonstrable knowledge and experience in the genre of the desired UK-IQ course, and whose skills are also backed up by an employer certification, in such cases, an exception can be made by our board. Such proven experience can fill-in for academic qualification as eligibility for the desired course.

Our board’s evaluation & approval would be final and uncontested in such cases, once approved, the learner receives equal treatment like any other learner, can take regular learning classes, sit regular evaluation examination, pass the tests and on clearing the same, be entitled for the Qualifi Award (Diploma or Degree as per the case).  

For instance, a learner, currently working in an IT department for a long time, or working freelance, but has hands on expertise and experience in one or more IT genres such as Networking or Programming or Designs etc, but never finished any junior formal qualifications, or has a formal qualification, but not in Information Technology, and wishes to pursue a Qualifi Level 4 Diploma in IT, in such cases, UK-IQ board, after our internal evaluation process, may recognise his experience and knowledge to qualify for a suitable UK-IQ course in IT.

For more details and guidance, use our ELIGIBILITY CHECK link to provide all the details for a complimentary review and revert with suggestion, or contact our University Placements Guide at

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