Learners, especially from outside of the UK must thoroughly check and understand the implications of the type of qualifications they are being offered and the purpose for which they are investing in them There is a lot of difference between the terms used by the industry for example –Affiliated or Recognised courses in comparison to Accredited & Regulated courses.

Many institutions offer courses that have a non-accredited certificate, it means, these organisations have not obtained any formal recognition from the education departments of the country and their courses DO NOT offer the student any form of University recognition or credit transfers.

On the contrary, UK-IQ is a Qualifi recognised centre, Qualifi is an awarding body that is regulated by Ofqual which is the Government’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation that regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

UK-IQ is obligated to continue ensuring rigorous standards to be an Approved Qualifi Centre. Our Standards of teaching, quality of our teachers, our policies and procedures are all rigorously vetted, enforced and regularly audited by external auditors to ensure highest standards are maintained.

For further understanding or discussions, please contact our admissions team at admissions@uk-iq.com  / or send us a WhatsApp or Telegram message at  +44.7730.882001

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